Contact Lens Exams

What You Might Not Know About Contact Lens Exams

Eye exams are appointments that you should have on your calendar yearly. While people often think of yearly eye exams as a suggestion rather than something that should be done, annual eye exams can detect diseases that seriously compromise your vision. What you may be missing if you get a yearly eye exam is a contact lens exam. It may seem like the two would go hand-in-hand, but a contact lens exam requires your eye doctor to take a second look. At Indigo Vision Center in Georgetown, SC, we can provide you with both an annual exam and a contact lens exam.

 Contact Lens Exam

Why Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are tailor-fit to meet your needs. When getting contact lenses, several different factors come into consideration. We want to be sure you have contact lenses that are the right fit for both your eye health and your lifestyle. Being fitted with the correct contact lenses can make a world of difference.

There are a few different types of contact we can recommend to you. Are you looking for something that you can use daily? Or are you looking for contacts that you can use on occasion when needed? When getting contact lenses, your eye health is important. If you have any pre-existing or developing conditions, you'll need to have your contact lenses designed to fit those needs.

When it comes to a contact lens exam, we want to prescribe your contact lenses with comfort in mind. We can evaluate if you need soft or rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses. 

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Eye Exam

During a contact lens exam, we will go over the options that will best suit your individual needs. After determining what lenses would fit your lifestyle, we need to take measurements. This determines both the curve and the diameter that you need. We will also measure your pupils and your iris. This is a painless process.

The last thing that we need to look at is if you have enough moisture in your eyes to keep your contacts moist. Dry contacts can cause discomfort, and we can discuss if contacts are your best option.

Before you leave, we will also show you the proper way to put in your contacts. We want you to leave feeling confident and comfortable. 

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Our Eye Doctor in Georgetown

Your vision is an area where you shouldn't have to compromise. Our optometry center can provide you with guidance to improve your eyesight. Call Indigo Vision Venter today at (843) 546-2244 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist. 


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