Diabetes Eye Care


When you have diabetes, you are more likely to experience eye problems than others. Eye problems occur because, over time, high blood sugar damages the blood vessels in the eyes. Taking care of your diabetes and having routine eye exams with a doctor of optometry can help take care of your eyes. An eye doctor with us at Indigo Vision Center in Georgetown, SC, can help patients with their diabetic eye care. 

Diabetes and Eye Problems

Diabetes can cause several eye problems, including diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. If left untreated, conditions and eye problems can worsen, causing more health and vision issues. Speak with an eye doctor on our team to learn more about eye care and ensure your eyes remain healthy. 

Diabetic Eye Care Tips

Seeing a doctor of optometry can help provide you with options and tips for diabetic eye care. The first thing to do is manage your blood sugar, ensuring it remains at normal levels. Managing your blood sugar can help prevent or delay the start of any eye problems associated with diabetes. Also, manage your blood pressure, which can slow the progression of diabetes-related eye problems.

Regular Exams

It is vital to schedule annual eye exams with an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Finding a doctor can help treat any eye conditions or concerns you may have. Diabetic eye exams can include dilating your eyes for a better view of the retina, ensuring the entire eye is healthy. Depending upon the severity of any diabetic-related eye problems, we may request to see you more than once a year. 

When to See an Eye Doctor

In addition to routine eye exams, you may need to see your doctor sooner for diagnosis or treatment. Common signs you need to call your doctor include not being able to see in dim light, expecting double vision, developing blind spots, or having trouble focusing. Other signs it might be time to call your doctor include suffering from chronic headaches, eye pain, no peripheral vision, seeing shadows, or having a lot of spots floating in your eyes. 

Visit Us for More Information

If you have diabetes and need guidance for eye care, schedule an appointment with a Georgetown, SC, doctor on our team. Our optometrists at Indigo Vision Center can help provide advice and treatment for diabetic-related vision problems. Call our office at (843) 546-2244 to schedule an appointment and learn how you can maintain healthy eyes. 


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