Eye and Vision Exams

It is important to schedule regular eye and vision exams as they give an eye care professional an opportunity to diagnose and correct vision issues as they arise. At Indigo Vision Center, we have been providing Georgetown residents with reliable eye care services for many years. read on to learn more about the different aspects of eye and vision exams and why they are important.

 Eye and Vision Exams

Keratometry Test

An optometrist or trained technician will measure the shape of your eye. This test is known as a Keratometry Test. During the process, you will look into a giant machine towards light or picture. This helps our optometrist understand if you correctly perceive light.

Intraocular Pressure Reading

This reading is a way for optometrists to test for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a common condition in which damage has occurred within the optic nerve. The condition is usually caused by increased pressure in the eye. Our optometrist will use a machine to release a puff of air into the eye during the test. The air puts pressure on the fluid within the eye to gain an accurate reading.

Visual Acuity

This test is the most standard and popular test that many people think about when visiting an eye doctor. The doctor will have you sit on a chair and have you read from an eye chart. The eye chart contains various letters and numbers. The writing grows smaller as you read from top to bottom. The eye doctor will measure how well and fast you can read them from afar.

Peripheral Visual Test

This test measures how well you see through your periphery. Typically, you will stare into a machine that shines a light towards the side of your eye. You will let our optometrist know whenever you see the light. This allows our optometrist to assess your peripheral vision.

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