Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye condition causing optic nerve damage and worsens over time. This condition seems to run in families and often develops later in life. At Indigo Vision Center in Georgetown, SC, we offer the testing and management you need to prevent glaucoma from severely impacting your vision and overall health.


Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma rarely displays any symptoms in its early stages. This is why it is crucial to visit our eye doctors regularly for eye tests. They can help detect such conditions while still in the early stages. In the later stages of glaucoma, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Red eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Vomiting and upset stomach
  • Vision loss
  • Severe headaches

If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to see our optometrists immediately for a professional assessment.

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

Eye exams are crucial as they can help detect any vision problems early on before symptoms set in. Our eye doctors may conduct one or several of the following tests to check for glaucoma:

  • Dilated eye exam - the optometrist widens your pupils to check the optic nerve
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - looks for changes in the optic nerve
  • Pachymetry - measuring your corneal thickness

Glaucoma Treatment Methods

Glaucoma causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve, but various treatments can help prevent or slow the progression of glaucoma. They include:


This is mainly the first treatment of glaucoma to help minimize eye pressure by improving the drainage of fluids from your eyes. Depending on your eye pressure, our eye doctors may recommend one of the following eyedrop prescriptions:

  • Beta Blockers - they help minimize the production of eye fluids to lower pressure in the eyes.
  • Prostaglandins - contrary to beta-blockers, prostaglandins eyedrops help increase your eye fluid outflow, thereby reducing your eye pressure.
  • Rho kinase inhibitor - a type of eyedrop that lowers eye pressure by suppressing the enzymes responsible for increasing the fluid.

Oral Medications

Our optometrists can prescribe oral medication such as a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor to either improve or slow the generation of eye fluid.

Laser Treatment

Eye laser treatment is a process conducted by optometry specialists to help improve how fluid drains from your eyes. The laser treatment method complements eyedrops, but it cannot entirely replace them.

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If you have not had an eye checkup recently and your family has a history of glaucoma, you need to see our optometrists as soon as possible for a proper assessment. It is important to get checked out at Indigo Vision Center in Georgetown, SC, routinely to prevent serious eye issues from negatively impacting your life. Call us at (843) 546-2244 today to make an appointment or to learn more about how we can help.


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