Hard to Fit Contacts

Everyone has unique eyes, whether it's the color, shape, texture, and even their vision. Because everyone's eyes are unique, there's a chance standard contact lenses might not be able to fit your eyes or those of someone you know. If you or a loved one need help obtaining contact lenses, there is eye care available with an eye doctor on our optometry team.


At Indigo Vision Center, an eye doctor in Georgetown, SC, on our optometry team can help outfit you or a loved one with hard to fit contacts. Not everyone has the same shape or might have pre-existing conditions and we recognize the importance of providing fitted contact lenses to help improve vision and treat eye disorders. We offer comprehensive eye exams and optometry specialists to help get you the best contact lenses for your vision.

What Are Hard to Fit Contacts?

Hard to fit contacts are those that are designed to help people with pre-existing vision disorders or eye diseases that cannot wear regular, soft contact lenses. Hard to fit contacts can help people that have conditions such as:

  • Keratoconus, a condition in which protein builds up and causes an irregularly shaped cornea
  • Corneal abrasions
  • People with sever dry eyes
  • Those that have had LASIK eye surgery prior
  • Presbyopia, a degenerative eye condition affecting senior adults.

Contact lenses that can help improve these conditions include:

  • Scleral lenses, which fit over the entire eye and can help people with keratoconus
  • Rigid lenses, which are harder than soft lenses and absorb less liquid 
  • Hybrid lenses, which are rigid but not as uncomfortable as traditional rigid lenses
  • Bifocal or multi-focal lenses to help people with presbyopia and astigmatism see clearly

How Can My Eye Doctor Help?

An eye doctor on our optometry team can conduct an eye exam to determine if you're a good candidate for contact lenses. He or she will also determine the prescription needed for your contacts, and they can help put in referrals so you can go home with hard to fit contacts. These contacts can make a world of difference and an optometrist on our team can help determine if they are the right fit for you.

An optometrist on our team can also conduct follow-up care to determine if your contacts are working to improve your vision.

Visit Us for Contact Lenses and Hard to Fit Contacts from an Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

At Indigo Vision Center, we want to help our clients in Georgetown, SC, look their best, feel their best, and see clearly with the help of our hard to fit contacts. Call us at (843) 546-2244 to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor on our optometry team and help find the best contact lenses for your vision.


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