What Is Sports Vision (And How We Can Help)

At Indigo Vision Center, we can help with your sports vision. Our eye doctor uses the latest optometry to test your vision and find areas that we can help you improve. If you’re looking to improve your athletic performance in Georgetown, we are ready to assist you. Sports vision is a special type of therapy that uses optometry to help improve your vision for sports. We can help to train your vision for sports as well as help you overcome any eye problems you are be experiencing. Here’s what the athletes in our community should know about sports vision. 

Sports Vision

What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision uses the most advanced science in optometry to help train the eyes to better play sports. In the same way we need to train our muscles, we also need to improve our vision to make the most of our ability while playing sports. Sports vision therapy can help you with things like throwing accuracy and tracking fast-moving objects. 

Sports Vision Therapy

We use the science of optometry to help you overcome problems in your vision. Our eye doctor in Georgetown can also help you discover and treat visual problems that could be holding your game back. Sports vision therapy sessions help train your eyes. You can think about this in the same way that you need to train to throw a ball or catch a pass while running. Your eyes need to be trained in just the same way to get the most performance you can out of your vision. 

Signs Vision Problems Are Hurting Your Game

Here are a few signs that you might be having problems with your vision that are impacting your athletic performance:

  • Problems with hand-eye coordination 
  • Challenges with catching or throwing accurately 
  • Difficulty tracking fast-moving objects 
  • Struggling to estimate distance accurately 
  • Poor performance even when training athletic skills and fitness 

Get In Touch With Our Georgetown Eye Doctor 

Are you ready to visit Indigo Vision Center and improve your game? Our eye doctor is here to help you with your sports vision in Georgetown. Call us today at (843) 546-2244 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.  


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